60mm (height) x 145mm (length) x 70mm (width)

Matching Arms


Additional Notes

A model of a lying sheep was in fact produced in the early days of the Goss factory before models bearing coats of arms became popular. Later, the same mould was apparently reused, a flat base being added to carry a coat of arms. Neither version is listed in The Goss Record, which suggests that the early version had already gone out of production before the first edition was published (1900) and the later version didn’t go into production until after 1921. Whether or not this later version was produced, like the majority of the Goss animals, especially for the British Empire Exhibition in 1924 and 1925 is uncertain, so the exhibition arms are not generally suggested as matching. Indeed no specific matching arms are identified for the model. However, many collectors give some preference to arms to which some association with sheep can be ascribed, for example those of towns situated in sheep farming areas.