Membership in the U.K. is, roughly divided into regions, which organise regular meetings at the homes of members.

For anyone interested in Goss and/or Crested China, membership of the Goss Collectors’ Club is a must. The annual subscription is £22, Pro Rata if joining part way through the year. For an extra £1 joint membership confers full voting rights on two members of the same household, although only one monthly magazine will be sent.

UK Membership

To join, download and complete the application form and send it to the Goss Collectors’ Club Membership Secretary (details on the application form).

Overseas Membership

In addition to the normal membership fee an additional cost to post The Goss Hawk overseas arises. There are two ways of posting The Goss Hawk overseas, and the costs vary considerably depending on country and method used. Please contact the Goss Collectors’ Club Membership Secretary, who will be happy to send you full details and a personal quotation, together with an application form.

Dues can be paid from overseas directly into the Club’s bank account in Pounds Sterling with any currency/transfer fees incurred to be paid in full by the sender.

For more information about the Goss Collectors’ Club please contact the membership secretary using the enquiry form below.

Membership Enquiry Form