The Bargate Southampton. Of the seven gates which formerly gave entrance to Southampton only two now remain. Of these the finest is the Bargate which contains Norman work. It was originally defended by a drawbridge over a moat. On the north side are two semicircular towers through which side arches have been cut for the convenience of pedestrians, and between which is a fine projecting front supposed to have been added in the reign of Richard II. Rd. No. 594375


height: 55mm and 85mm

Matching Arms

Southampton; Crest of Southampton

Additional Notes

Registered in 1912 and listed as a new model and illustrated in the 8th edition of The Goss Record. The small size can be found white glazed and grey unglazed, and the large size white glazed, white unglazed, grey unglazed and brown unglazed. Only the white glazed versions carry arms, and not always in the case of the large size.