Model of Norman tower, Priory Church Christchurch, circa 1100, built by Ralph Flambard Bishop of Durham 1099 – 1128. Rd. No. 567379



Matching Arms


Additional Notes

This model, which is semicircular in cross-section, can be found in white glazed, white unglazed, brown unglazed, and grey unglazed. The white glazed version is the only version known bearing arms, and then only the arms of Blackpool. The model was registered in 1910 though it didn’t appear in The Goss Record until the 8th edition, where it was listed as a new shape and illustrated. The listing mentions no colour variation and the illustration is clearly of a white model. However, the model also appeared in the same edition in an advertisement by Froud’s China and Pottery Stores, the Christchurch agent, which offers both the white unglazed and grey unglazed models, so presumably both versions were first available around 1914 and the white glazed and brown unglazed versions somewhat later. The advertisement also indicates that the model was supplied together with a leaflet bearing descriptive notes, copies of which can still be found today.