base: Model of the London Stone near Staines. front top: To perpetuate and preserve this ancient monument of the jurisdiction of the citizens of London the same was raised on this pedestal A.D. 1781 Sr. Watkin Lewis Knt Lord Mayor front bottom: The Conservators of the River Thames 1857; Samuel Wilson Esqre Lord Mayor 27th July 1859; John Johnson Esqre Lord Mayor 8th August 1846 left top: The ceremony of claiming the jurisdiction of the City of London was repeated at this stone by the Rt Honble Clauds Step. Hunter Lord Mayor A.D. 1812 left bottom: The Right Honble Thomas Quested Finnis Lord Mayor; Warren Stormes Hale Esqre Alderman John Humphery Esqre Alderman Jonathan Thorp Esqre rear top: The ancient stone above this inscription is raised upon this pedestal exactly over the spot where it formerly stood inscribed God preserve ye City of London A.D. 1285 rear bottom: Commodore John Shepherd Captain B.J. Sulivan R.N. C.B. Captain John Shepherd Deputy Master of the Trinity House Captain William Pigot right top: The Right Honourable William Venables Lord Mayor of the City of London and Conservator of the River of Thames viewed the western boundary of the City’s jurisdiction in the said river marked by the ancient stone raised upon this pedestal erected A.D. 1285 on the 29th day of July A.D. 1826. God preserve the City of London right bottom: Joseph Turner Esqre Thomas Henry Fry Esqre Thomas Dakin Esqre Deputy Captain Horatio Thomas Austin R.N. C.B.



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Additional Notes

The model was listed as a new model and illustrated in the “War” edition of The Goss Record. It can be found coloured white or brown, both versions being unglazed.