The Old Horse Shoe. May the good old shoe bring luck to you! Good health and sweet content: And may your path be ever blessed. With peace from heaven sent. Jno. Crowther. The Legend. The horse shoe has long been regarded as of great potency against evil. All Europe believes, in a more or less degree, that the hanging up of a horse shoe in the home is significant of good luck. All the kings of old up to the 13th century carried out the custom of having a horse shoe hung on the entrance of the palace. When the great St. Dunstan was asked to shoe the hoof of the evil one, he bound him up so fast, and so tortured him, that he had to promise he would never enter a doorway over which a horse shoe was hung. Lord Nelson, England’s greatest admiral, had a horse shoe nailed to the Victory. Copyright.



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Additional Notes

This model was listed as a new shape and illustrated in the 8th edition of The Goss Record, though it is listed in the “Miscellaneous” section which indicates that it was not associated with any particular agent or place so it has no matching arms.

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