Model of a Cheddar Cheese. Rd. No. 521975.



Matching Arms


Additional Notes

The model can be found coloured yellow or white. The yellow form can be found either glazed or unglazed, and the unglazed form can be found both with and without arms. The white form is glazed and bears a coat of arms. All versions generally bear the inscription “Model of a Cheddar Cheese” in Gothic script on the reverse as well as the longer inscription including the registration number on the base in normal script. Although the model was registered in 1908, it does not appear in the Goss Record until the 8th edition (1913-14), where it was listed as a new shape and illustrated. This suggests that it was not produced until around 1912. The illustration in the 8th edition of the Goss Record clearly shows the yellow model, and the entry lists no colour variation and additionally indicates that the model does not normally bear arms. The entry is the same in the 9th edition (1921), so presumably the versions bearing arms were not produced until later in the 1920s.

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