Every so often, a Club Member or Dealer will offer to run a postal auction of Goss and Crested China, details of which appear on the Goss Collectors’ Club website and in the Goss Collectors’ Club’s monthly magazine, the Goss Hawk. The Auction rules will vary dependant on who is running the auction, but the basics will remain pretty much the same:


1. Only Goss Collectors’ Club members may bid (a non-member may join by sending bids at the same time as his/her membership fee and subscription).

2. A reserve price may be placed on lots, but this need not be disclosed in the listing. 

3. 10% commission will be charged on all lots sold with a minimum of £1.50 per vendor.

4. Bids are accepted until 11.59am on auction day (except by email where the cut-off is midnight on auction eve). Advice will not be given as to what to bid, but advice can be given regarding the purchase of unsold lots. The earlier you bid the better, since in the event of drawn bids the first bid to be submitted is the one which will be accepted.  The use of the standard bidding form is preferred but not mandatory. Please ensure that you quote the correct lot number (See rule 6 below).

5. The bidder should make only one bid per lot, which can consist of any combination of pounds and pence representing the maximum sum the purchaser is prepared to pay.  Lots will go to the highest bidder over reserve price. If bidding by email, the bidder should include details of his/her full postal address every time any communication is made which could result in the postal service being used. As previously, bids by email must be made by midnight on auction eve.

6. Bids are processed using lot numbers and whilst detail of the piece bid for can be helpful in case of doubt the lot number will form the basis of the contract between the Club and a bidder.

7. The successful bidder will actually pay an amount calculated from either the next bid below or the reserve price.  To this start point will be added a sum depending on value as follows but so as not to exceed the bid made. for example:

            Items under   £5.00                -25p                 Items £100 – £249.99            -£5

            Items   £5 –    £9.99                -50p                 Items £250 – £499.99           -£10

            Items   £10 –  £49.99               -£1                    Items £500 – £999.99          -£25

            Items   £50 –  £99.99              -£2.50              Items over £1,000                  -£50

8. Successful purchasers will be notified by email, or if they have bid by post and their email address is not known, notification will be by post. Remittance must then be made to the Auctioneer, the sum stated which will include a sum to cover postage and packing costs.  Cheques to be made payable to Goss Collectors’ Club.  Special Delivery or Compensated Parcel Post is used for any package of over £100.00 value.  The purchaser may, totally at his/her own risk, opt for ‘uninsured’ post.

9. Bids will be held for seven days from the date of auction, awaiting payment.  Should payment not be received, the Auctioneer may at his/her discretion offer items to the next highest bidder.  Failure to honour bids will result in the bidder immediately being barred from future auctions as both vendor and bidder for a period of not less than a year, to be decided by the Club Committee.  Items will be held pending a member’s return from holiday: please state dates with your bid.

10. Every lot is in good condition, unless otherwise stated.  In the event that an item proves to be unacceptable then it MUST be returned to the Auctioneer no later than 21 days after auction, otherwise no refund can be made.

11. In the event of any dispute the Auctioneer’s decision is binding on all parties, and the submission of bid(s) and/or pieces for auction will be deemed as acceptance of these rules.

Overseas Bidders

1. Successful bidders will be notified by email. The results of successful bid(s) will be held for 21 days from the date of auction. Payment must be made in sterling.

2. Successful bidders will be responsible for payment of surface or air mail (as per their preference), together with any custom or other dues which may be payable.

In the event that you are unsure of anything, please contact the Auctioneer direct.